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Why put a commercial designed for Television on at the cinemas? People are in a different frame of mind and more engaging with what's happening on the screen. Utilise the cinemas really expensive 7:1 Dolby sound system. Shake peoples seats and popcorn! Make the commercial look like a 30 second movie trailer.. engage with them!

Indicative advertising rates from Val Morgan are:

  • Rate per week
  • 15 second = $230
  • 30 second = $280
  • 45 second = $420
  • 60 second = $560
  • 90 Second = $840

Production costs:

Indicative production costs. Final costs are dependant on the complexity of work required: Some indicative costs are:

  • 15 second creative ad: From around $1,900 to $4,200
  • 30 second creative ad: From around $2,300 to $4,800
This includes working with you, creating the storyboard, marketing advice, (We've been coal face marketing for around 25 years) How it forms part of your overall strategy and objectives, right through to delivery to the Agency.

Digital Cinema Commercials

Why put a Television ad on at the cinema!

When people go the cinema, they are in a different frame of mind. Instead of the 'tune out' mentality that can develop to TV commercials, they are usually excited and looking forward to what is coming. Why not create an Ad that resembles a movie trailer? They know that the movie trailers precede the main event, so why not engage with them! You have a captive audience that is looking forward to what is coming and usually pay attention to what comes on the big screen.

Cinema is a cost effective opportunity for advertisers without a TVC (TeleVision Commercial) We work closely with you to ensure that creating your commercial is as painless as prossible.

Digital Advertising Agency Perth.

One of the advantages of the digital age, is that things can be changed quickly and cost effectively. Digital now covers a spectrum of media, from Websites, HD video to Facebook to Instagram. No longer are advertisers held captive to TV, radio and newspapers! The digital age is here and the opportunities and means to reach consumers are almost endless. Digital marketing is a form of marketing that makes use of electronic devices, such as computers )PC's) Smart phones, tablets such as the iPad. tto reach audiences that are using these devices. It enables advertisers to engage deeper with their prospects. Digital marketing, or Online or Internat marketing, employs technologies or media channels such as websites, e-mail and various social media networks. Social Media Marketing is a component of digital marketing that targets a specific type of user, such as Facebook, Google+ and Whats App . Today's marketers often use a combination of these different types of media to reach consumers.

The Age of Video is upon us!

The rise and rise of video is upon us! Around 100 years (in time!) worth of video is uploaded to Youtube every 10 days. (give or take) This 'information overloaded' age means consumers are putting up the shutters. Engaging and getting their attention now requires a different approach.

People are becoming impatient as well as time poor and are opting for the least path of resistance in life. However small it may be. Watch them as they come down the shopping isles. They will stop and scan the checkouts for the least number or waiting customers. Too many, and they will hit the self serve isle. Look at Mastercards 'PayPass' Who would have believed a couple of years ago, that 'a few moments were precious" Apparently they are, judging by the amount of people (us included!) who are using it!

The introduction of digital TV and Cinemas has also opened up a medium to create better and more engaging commercials, as users are now 'double screening. Over 74% of people in Australia admit to using it. ie; Watching TV and playing around on their Tablets at the same time. What's worse, is what is known as Triple screeners! These are usually under 25's who also have their Smart phone handy! Television advertising should now be created to take advantage of this, with offers that drive them to their Tablets or smartphones that we now know they have on hand!

Digital Marketing Budgets To increase by 10% in 2014.
Article: According to WebProNews, marketing budgets are set to rise some 10% this year. 11% of those interviewed said they spent half of their marketing budget on digital marketing activities, compared to just 3% the year before.
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