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Top search result Australia wide for major search term.
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Top Australian result for their major search term.
search engine optimisation results image 3 out of 4 top spots! ~ Top 2 results for website and 4th spot for video.
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Search engine (SEO) optimisation, (or optimization) is the process of increasing the visibility of a website in a search engine's 'natural' or un-paid (organic) search results, as opposed to the paid advertisements that surround them.

SEO analyses the processes of how search engines work, what people are searching for with their targeted audience in mind, plus the actual search phrases or keywords typed into search engines. Optimising a website involves a number of different factors, from editing its content, HTML(5) coding, to both increase its relevance to specific keywords (questions asked) and to and assisting the indexing activities of search engines. The number (and quality of) back-links,(inbound links) Relevant high quality content, Social media are just some SEO tactics.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation Perth WA

What's the point of having a website if nobody finds you?

Perth Advertising Agency offers a one stop shop to getting your website 'optimised' or 'search engine friendly'

Getting on Page 1 of the search results is important if you want to get found by those looking for your products or services. Surveys show that around 94% of people now don't go pass page 1 of the results, making the rest if the results pretty pointless! The search results are getting so good now, that they know what they are searching for, will appear somewhere on that page. If they can't 'see' the answer to their question, they will usually just change the question and search again!

SEO Perth.

Search engine optimisation has become big business. What used to be free and part of website development, has now become a stand along service attracting big dollars! So what happened? Australian businesses have been (and still are to some extent) very slow in realising the power of the Internet in engaging potential customers. A couple of years ago, they was just say 5 businesses that wanted to be on the first page of the results but as more and more business 'got the massage' there are now say 15 businesses of the same types wanting to get on page 1.. And as there are are only 10 generic result slots available, something has to give.
Add to this, that there are constant changes and adjustments to the algorithm that determines where a website comes in relation to a search query (Googlebot and Slurp are their names) The process is not just getting on page 1.. but 'staying' on page 1!

Getting to the top is one thing, staying there is another!
As search engines seek to bring back the best results for their searchers, their algorithms are constantly changing!

Unique, in-depth, high quality, fresh content is a factor that search engines look for these days, combined with social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, all form a part of the 'collective' that they glean relevant information from about your services or products. The days of just 'keywords' is long gone. Unique, relevant and fresh content is now king!

SEO costs:

SEO is not just about on page factors but now includes many off-page factors

It was stated that Google ranks sites using over 200 different signals, plus they made some 500 changes to the search engine algorithm last year lone.. In 2013, Google released an update entitled 'Hummingbird'- an algorithm change designed to improve Google's natural language processing ability and semantic understanding of web sites. Basically it now understands the 'meaning' behind a search query, rather than just a group of selected 'key words'

All our Mediaworx websites (except one.. the person won't do what we tell him to do!!) appear on page 1 for their popular search terms, with many taking out the top spot in the search results. We hold the top spot in our city for anything 'website designers' and hold the top spot (depending on the day.. results are 'fluid') Australia wide for 'website design optimisers' even beating Wikipedia. Our Agency includes SEO as part of the integrated process and costing of marketing, advertising and branding your business.

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