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Setting up live cooking show at the Farmers Market.
Setting up for live Cooking show image The magic of Television! ~ What started out above, became this show! ~ Watch the 2 min clip below.

We don't do the 'normal' type of TV commercials.

Sadly, a lot of commercials are little more than a slideshow with a voice over. There's is very little continuity or branding as as one of the worlds largest Ad agencies, Ogilvy & Mather, said "95% of all advertising is just ad hock, with very little branding from one year to the next" We endevour to make commercials that drive people to action and engage with consumers, who are in information overload and paying a lot less attention to commercials than they used to. Shouting louder at them doesn't work either!

Production costs:

Indicative production costs. Final costs are dependant on the complexity of work required, a plus nay location filming:

  • 15 second creative ad: From $890 to $1,200
  • 30 second creative ad: From $980 to $1,800
  • 30 sec & 15 sec ad pack: From $1250 to $1,900
  • + gst
This includes working with you, creating the storyboard, marketing advice, (We've been coal face marketing for around 25 years) and how it forms part of your overall strategy and objectives.

TV Commercial Production

Our commercials form part of an overall strategy

Perth Advertising Agency (now run by Mediaworx) offers a one stop shop for commercials and video production in West Australia. We create commercials that are designed to stand out from the crowd, grab the consumers attention and drive them to action. People are putting up the shutters and tuning out, as a wave of information swamps the planet!

A new website dedicated to TV Commercials and their production, can be found at TV Commercials. It contains just about everything you need to know about the production of Television commercials in Australia.

DUAL SCREENING: A BIG problem for TV advertisers:
In a recent Nielsen survey, 74% of Australians admit to dual screening. ie: Looking at their Tablets whilst the TV ads are on. This dramatically effects the advertisers message, as 7 out of 10 are not looking at the TV when their ads come on! The under 25's are worse.. They are 'Triple screening' (add smartphone as well) TV commercials need to change. They have been serving up the same format for over 50 years.. "This is what we sell or do and here's where we are" The world has moved on and advertising needs to do the same. TV commercials also need to form a part of the big picture and contribute to a company's brand value, not a 'one off fishing trip' We live in a 'connected world' and effective commercials need to be a part of it.

People in general are not coping too well with this vast amount of information and life changes being forced upon them, from Banking to buying. This is creating impatience and people are looking for the least path of resistance in life.. however small. From PayPass to the Supermarket checkout. Watch them as they come down the shopping isle. They will 'scan' the checkouts for the least amount of trolleys waiting to pay and if they decide there is too many, they will take the self service option.

Television Advertising Perth.

Video & TV Production Services: We offer a complete one stop shop for the production of Television commercials Corporate video production, Internet videos, Staff training, instructional videos and corporate documentaries. We also offer special visual and sound effects with our blue / green screen studio. We work with you to obtain the given result, regardless of your business size or budget.
Our services include storyboard and script development, production and post production services including delivery to the TV Network station.

The Age of Video is upon us!

The rise and rise of video is upon us! Around 100 years (in time!) worth of video is uploaded to YouTube every 10 days. (give or take) This 'information overloaded' age means consumers are putting up the shutters. Engaging and getting their attention now requires a different approach.

People are becoming impatient as well as time poor and are opting for the least path of resistance in life. However small it may be. Watch them as they come down the shopping isles. They will stop and scan the checkouts for the least number or waiting customers. Too many, and they will hit the self serve isle. Look at MasterCards 'PayPass' Who would have believed a couple of years ago, that 'a few moments were precious" Apparently they are, judging by the amount of people (us included!) who are using it!

The introduction of digital TV and Cinemas has also opened up a medium to create better and more engaging commercials, as users are now 'double screening. Over 74% of people in Australia admit to using it. ie; Watching TV and playing around on their Tablets at the same time. What's worse, is what is known as Triple screeners! These are usually under 25's who also have their Smart phone handy! Television advertising should be aware of this. Chances are, they are taking their eyes off the TV screen when the ads come on and looking at stuff on their Tablets! Television advertising should now be created to take advantage of this, with (more audio, as they are still listening!)offers that drive them to their Tablets or smartphones that we now know they probably have on hand!

NEWS: Digital Marketing Budgets To increase by 10% in 2014.
Article: According to WebProNews, marketing budgets are set to rise some 10% this year. 11% of those interviewed said they spent half of their marketing budget on digital marketing activities, compared to just 3% the year before.

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